Global Warning

Confronting the Seven Deadly Sins with
the Seven Deadly Faces of Unsustainability

Climate Change

Climate Change

Rising Temperatures


Loss of Biodiversity

Plastic Pollution

Resource Depletion











Unsustainable Pride

Arrogance blinds us, we fail to see,
The interconnectedness of life's tapestry.
Believing we're superior, we act carelessly,
Leaving a shattered ecosystem in our pride's decree.

Unsustainable Greed

Coveting more, never content,
Exploiting Earth's treasures, with no relent.
Profits and possessions, our sole intent,
Leaving behind a planet that's irreversibly spent.

Unsustainable Lust

Temptation blinds us to the Earth's plea,
Consuming resources recklessly, with no decree.
Desire for excess, a toxic spree,
Leads to a world devoid of sustainability.

Unsustainable Wrath

Anger burns, fueling destruction's might,
With nature as our target, we fight.
In our fury, we dim the planet's light,
Leaving behind scars, unable to make things right.

Unsustainable Gluttony

Feasting upon nature's bountiful array,
Indulging in excess, day by day.
Food and resources, we squander away,
Leaving a barren land where nothing can stay.

Unsustainable Envy

Consumed by envy's green gaze,
We desire what others possess in a haze.
Competing and consuming in unsustainable ways,
Leaving a planet plundered in envy's craze.

Unsustainable Sloth

Inertia binds us, we fail to act,
Ignoring the warnings, turning a blind pact.
Time slips away, as we choose to retract,
Leaving sustainability a dream we've lacked.


Each sin, a shadow cast on sustainability's plight,
It's time to awaken, to set things right.
With mindful choices, we can bring back the light,
And forge a future where sustainability takes flight.